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Jack St. Claire is a retired federal judge and trial attorney. He has been a federal prosecutor engaged in Organized Crime investigations, trials, and appeals, as well as a federal trial judge, and civil trial attorney for many decades. During that time, he has witnessed hundreds of encounters with people of all walks of life. As a prosecutor he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses, and interrogated scores of criminal defendants, both in grand juries, and on the witness stand. Using observation skills honed with hundreds of individual encounters over the years, he has developed the ability, as a trial attorney and judge, to evaluate the credibility of witnesses and prospective jurors. These encounters with everyday people, has given Jack the ability to read people; to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to make split second decisions about the way they will behave and respond to certain situations and types of evidence.


During his career, Jack has engaged in countless public speaking events before hundreds of people from different walks of life.


Jack St. Claire was also a senior vice president and Director of Litigation for a national real estate corporation, where he personally supervised hundreds of trial attorneys handling sensitive and potentially very high profile lawsuits against the company. During these years of experience, Jack has interviewed and hired scores of personal assistants, trial attorneys, interns, and other support staff.


Armed with these decades of interpersonal skills, Jack would like to share these observations and methods of engaging in the lucrative field of affiliate marketing and hopefully awaken  the psyche of ordinary people to allow others to develop the skills to  enrich their own lives. Remeber, driving traffic skills are what makes the world go round.

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